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The short

"We love to build brands online using paid, search, social and analytics expertise. If there is something great you want to do digitally, we should be your clear choice in the sea of sameness!"

The long

At eDigital, we believe there is more to digital marketing than most people commonly think it is. It gives you the power to instantly become engaged with your target customers, without time, border and device barriers. It is awesome, it is out of the world - oh sorry! You already know these stuffs.

Okay, actually what we wanted to tell is - the digital marketing we see most people do, does not use its full potential. You cannot populate a content piece with keywords and expect people to read it and become your customers. The non-stop links you build across digital properties are useless, if you are doing it in order to meet a target. If you are countering a negative comment about your brand negatively and expecting this is ORM, you are wrong. If you are using social media to make daily posts about how awesome you are without style and substance, it is better you do not exist socially.

People are smarter. Competition is on its extreme. There is nothing called unexplored. You have few minutes to prove a point. So, it is better you do it well.

At eDigital, we try to do meaningful digital marketing that drives results instantly is done the way it should be. We follow a very systematic process (find it below) to reduce confusion, generate values across all points of engagements, and yes we correct our mistakes (if made) before they leave any impact on the project. We learn as we grow, and honestly, most of our clients are happy they hired us.

We believe in a digital marketing that earns a customer (not buys a customer). For that, we trust a humanly way of doing work. For us, a keyword is important, but it cannot be more important than emotion. For us, daily social media post is a great way to reach your customers, but it needs to be organically balanced and populated with content that connects meaningfully. In ORM for example, we believe negativity does not eliminate negativity, but truth and objectivity does.

Well, we are not supermen and we are not here to introduce disruptive changes. And we use the common tools, usual best practices and follow the industry norms. But we enjoy doing that. We do not run after chasing deadline that impacts quality. We believe in delivery that is done on time, but with full mind on it.

eDigital Facts

Our Motto

We Love to Build Brands

What we want to be:

A trusted partner in growth for companies that want to thrive digitally and create values for generations

How we achieve that:

Constantly upgrading our knowledge, aligning our expertise with changing customer priorities and innovating new ways that contribute to industry growth.


Road no 2, Banjarahills, Hyderabad

Industries Served

Real estate, Healthcare, eCommerce, Startups, Manufacturers, Education Pharma, Technology, FMCG etc.

Our Process

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2 process

Strategy Preparation

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